Plastic Pesticide Container Recycling Program

Many opportunities for recycling pesticide containers exist for various counties around the state. This is an excellent opportunity to dispose of used plastic pesticide containers.
Containers must be clean (properly rinsed) and dry. Properly rinsing containers and adding the rinse to the spray mix prevents wasting expensive product, saves money and utilizes the pesticide to its full potential. Also, rinsing the containers prevents environmental contaminates by properly using pesticides and recycling the plastic containers.
Pesticide containers cannot be reused for any purpose. Federal and Oklahoma law requires that all pesticide containers be rinsed before disposing, regardless of disposal methods. Improper disposal of a hazardous waste can result in fines and/or criminal penalties. It is also illegal to burn pesticide containers according to the Oklahoma Clean Air Act.  

If you have a large number of containers (500+)  -  USAG Recycling Inc. will come to your location when in the state.  Call (800) 654-3145.  US Ag Recycling Web Page



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